Born in Brisbane, Australia

Lives & works in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Australia


Cholena is a Visual Artist who grew up on Bribie Island. After many travels, both throughout Australia and abroad (Hawaii, Indonesia and Singapore) she has now established a home in the bush in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Drawing on the natural surroundings for inspiration, her artworks resemble elements of the beach, the bush and beyond.


Cholena has explored many processes and mediums in her art practise always stimulating new creativeness in her vocabulary of mark making. Her years of study at both TAFE and University have extended her knowledge and practise of both traditional and contemporary ways of creating art.


In the last few years Cholena’s art has emerged through galleries both in Australia and overseas in the UK, USA and Indonesia, as result her work is now part of both private and public collections nationally and internationally.



This painting is a portrait of the young Muhummad Ali at a training camp in the woods. Although you can't see it from this perspective, just outside through the window, there is an outdoor boxing ring. I created this painting for a client who had a signed

Standing with my painting "The Softer Side - a portrait of Muhummad Ali" 2012