Artist Statement

My art practice keeps me grounded, almost a removal of mortality in my environment. The process of creating slows me down to the point where I became lost in my own world. My message comes through the medium and looking more closely becomes a form of contemplation. When my artwork is resolved, for me, my signature sets it free, and the viewer is left to observe the trace of my experience.


Much of my inspiration is drawn from my surroundings often reinterpreting what I see into my own auto biographic marks. Many of the artworks I create are abstract in appearance and nature. Using a variety of techniques and mediums, the process of realising my ideas can be challenging however this is what I enjoy.


My process and how I interpret my chosen subject has been influenced by the many travels and time spent throughout my home state of Queensland, my home country Australia and overseas to Bali, Yogjakarta, Singapore and Hawaii. Being intuitively drawn to organic, random patterning that occurs within nature, the variety between my home surroundings and the environments of the places I’ve travelled provide me with endless inspiration.


Having spent most of my childhood living near the coast, shapes, textures and colours from the environment of the beach and the ocean reoccur often in my artwork. From growing up on the coast to living in Australia’s centre to now living in a sub-tropical bush setting my assortment of subject and elements has expanded.


My time spent in Australia’s Red centre has instilled a desire to return to this vast ancient environment of extremes and haunting silence to explore further what it has to offer to my art. Until then the tall Gum trees, the volcanic rock beded creek and dense vegetation surrounding my home is more than enough to keep me busy.


Image: Lost 

dry point etching with mixed media hand colouring on Fabriano Rosaspina